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scienceintermedia develops dialogue-oriented permanent exhibition

After more than four years of planning and implementation, in September 2019 it`s finally time: the forum in the experimenta Heilbronn opens its doors. With many interactive dialogue stations, the forum developed by scienceintermedia offers the most comprehensive participation program in the German-speaking world under the motto “You are Science”.

The forum will present current questions and developments from science and research. The special feature: Here visitors are asked to formulate their own opinions and ideas for the world of tomorrow. Science and technology are continuously developing solutions, but in order for us to cope with the increasing challenges of the future, everyone has to get involved. The forum provides the ideal setting for this.

In order for the widest possible audience to take advantage of the hands-on offer, the forum will be able to create very different approaches and usage scenarios.

At the 15 forum stations, visitors can actively and multimodally deal with current developments in science and technology, ask questions, discuss together and above all create their own contributions.

The stations of the forum in detail

At the entrance area of the forum, the touchscreen table WORLDS OF KNOWLEDGE invites the visitors to playfully explore news from science and technology. The contributions continuously flow as interactive knowledge bubbles on the illustrated surface and are grouped around the large fields of science.

At the four workstations of the KNOWLEDGE STATION+, various scientific topics can be researched and deepened. Here visitors will find current scientific news as well as background information on the exhibits of the experimenta.

The FUTURE LAB shows a lively urban landscape on a touchscreen desk that visitors can explore with digital vehicles. The city functions as a system of order and reference and serves it is used to find problems and research questions, as well as to incorporate the visitor’s own ideas into the matrix. At every station in the city, such as the hospital, school or power plant, visitors can find out about the most important challenges in this area and formulate their own ideas and questions. The future lab grows with each visitor contribution and forms an interdisciplinary spectrum of different visitors’ perspectives.

Visitors can express their opinions in the form of a statement postcard at the two PERSONAL POSTINGS stations. In comfortable seating niches, the visitors can take self-portraits in front of different backgrounds and provide individual statements. The finished postcard can be printed and pinned to the wall of opinion in the forum.

The SUSTAINABLE EARTH stations at the center of the forum call visitors to develop ideas to make the world a little bit better place. An interactive globe provides an introduction to stimulating project ideas from all over the world and leads to the design of the visitor’s own actions.

At the two WORLD EXPLORER stations in the rear area of the forum, visitors can explore a digital project directory with national and international Citizen Science initiatives and search in an index of hands-on projects.

The FILM BOX is a small-scale cinema offering space for four visitors to experience the world of science in exciting film clips.

The forum is a multi-layered space? that uniquely combines science dialogue with the immediate opportunity to develop one’s own ideas. Visitors are entertainingly and playfully introduced to design their own contributions in the form of texts, sketches and videos, and are specifically encouraged to formulate their own positions and ideas. You can research, discuss, experiment and design in a stimulating environment. The resulting contributions will be presented permanently during the exhibition.

Access a sustainable engagement with science

In the forum, the experimenta provides various levels for scientific engagement: guided usage scenarios, exhibition elements, workshops and events. The forum provides important impulses in terms of content and connects the visitors with stakeholders from science, politics and business as well as non-governmental initiatives and projects.

The offer is particularly aimed at youngsters and young adults between the ages of 14 and 29. At the Forum they are allowed to explore the most diverse aspects of science and technology, whether networking with experts or in independent or guided projects.

Within the framework of a multi-directional mediation strategy, a dialogue is being established beyond the walls of the experimenta and the forum, which not only offers an attractive platform for visitor contributions, but also enables mutual impulses. Thus, experimenta creates value-added offers, increases its credibility as a knowledge broker and regularly generates new visitor groups through the interlinked supply levels.

With the forum, the experimenta puts visitors at the center of the mediation strategy. The participation of visitors and the opening-up of the Science Center offer is a novelty in Germany and beyond. The largest German Science Center, the experimenta also has another unique selling point in this regard – it is the first Citizen Science Center.