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 Thats the way science communication works

Right on time for Halloween, we have prepared a little cinematic statement on the subject of science communication.

We love science and research, and we are always inspired by their achievements and insights.

From coastal research to robotics, from electromobility to communication theory, we are regularly fascinated by their creative power and the ability to create new perspectives on our planet: We want to share our fascination with the world.

In doing so, we regularly meet different target groups from laymen and experts, and thus also very different prerequisites, expectations and ideas. This is where the most exciting challenge begins. Our maxim: science can and should be uinderstood by everyone!

To convey the fields of action of science visibly to a broad public requires fitting, attractive and complex solutions.

Find out how we do this in our new explanatory film.

Keine Angst vor Wissenschaft! from scienceintermedia on Vimeo.