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“We are connected by what moves us!“

In autumn 2013, the public transport provider Bremer Straßenbahn AG (BSAG) invited scienceintermedia to develop a comprehensive design proposal for the redesign of its online services. In addition to a modern design theme, an optimized user interface and the design of new functional elements, scienceintermedia put a strongly narrative approach into the center of the concept.

In this understanding, BSAG offers a platform for the needs of the people in Bremen and its suburbs, under the motto “We are connected by what moves us!“. In different ways, reports, photo-stories or shortfilms, relevant topics are presented in the context of personal stories. People and their daily lives, their lifestyles,plans and ideas thus are linked tothe company’s presentation.

The BSAG sees itself as a mobility company from and for Bremen and, as it were, traditionally linked and future-oriented. Subjects such as customer focus, self-understanding and values ​​are conveyed in the highly visual and narrative initial concept, mainly through the content level, which links the presented topics with personal stories of various actors.

The proposal focuses on the topics of urbanity, movement, connection and encounter with its elements.

The feeling of dynamism, departure and arrival, the view from the tramway car into the city, its people, its places and stories, forms the basis for the design of the website. The BSAG website as a platform for new, exciting perspectives on culture, business and life in Bremen, shows the many facets of the city, through which the BSAG network runs. The design of network plans and the switch metaphor of the BSAG-Logo were taken as design inspiration. These not only represent the subject of connection, they also serve as structuring elements within the site. Motion blurs are spreading over the borders of the site and condense the focus on the slideshow presented in the center. Thus the design not only conveys mobility in all its dimensions but also supports the functional areas of information and navigation as well as the main content levels.The proposal was among the three finalists.