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The expansion module for the newspaper generator

With the newpaper generator readers can play the role of chief editor. Here they can edit the major newspapers of their country, their own personal headlines and make themselves the main subject of the story – with their own portrait on the front page.
Dad visiting the Chancellery? Mum on the podium in Formula One? Grandpa on the red carpet with Angelina Jolie? The fake photo studio makes dreams come true.

The fake photo studio proves that fake pictures not only make fun, but even more create lasting memories. Here are the most incredible and spectacular encounters events are captured in an image. Visitors enter into digital backdrops, dare to dance on the volcano, traveling around the world meet here and celebrities from politics, culture and sports. These snapshots are the basis for their own sensational story and adorn the front page of the local newspaper.

Easy handling

The operation of the fake photo studio is easy. All key functions are integrated in a space-saving pedestal that combines the selection menu, camera control and photo preview. A camera above the monitor selection captures the visitor in front of a greenscreen. Visitors can first select the desired motifs from different image. It can immediately be tried various poses. In general, all pictures are virtually unlimited ‘walkable’. By using a multilevel technique the visitors can step in front and behind objects in the picture. So the visitor can slip into the uniform of a “headless” fireman or the suit of the Formula One drivers.

If the desired motiv has been chosen the countdown will be triggered and after the “click” the image is in the box. The finished fake photo can then be stored or discarded directly on the preview monitor.

All pictures stored end up in the newspaper grnerators photo pool and can be placed directly in the desired areas of the page layout.
The fake photo studio amongst others is implemeted in the Texterschmiede at the experimenta Heilbronn.