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Interactively explore shipping traffic
scienceintermedia designs digital exhibit for Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum

Which ship is currently in which place in the world? Visitors to the German Maritime Museum can follow the movement of ships in real time on a live ship’s map.

Changing world and sea – this is the theme of the exhibition SEA CHANGES in the German Maritime Museum. Using the example of polar regions, it emphasizes the influence of climate change on shipping, ecosystems and natural resources. In recent years, shipping traffic on the oceans has increased significantly. Over 90,000 ships of different sizes are on the oceans. These include cargo ships (container ships, oil, gas and chemical tankers, bulkers), passenger ships (ferries and cruise ships) and service vessels (such as tugs, offshore supply and research vessels)

On a large-format touchscreen, visitors watch the shipping traffic on a zoomable world map. If you choose a ship, in addition to a view of the ship, you will get information about the name, type of ship, flag, destination, and past ports of call. In addition, you can search for ships and filter the view according to different types of ships.

The ship positions are determined via the Automatic Identification System, AIS for short. This is a radio system which, by transmitting navigation and ship data, enables accurate identification of ships and thus greatly enhances safety in navigation.

Background exhibition SEA CHANGES

Climate change is probably the biggest challenge facing humanity today. In particular, our oceans, which make up about 71% of the earth’s surface, are facing dramatic and perhaps irreversible changes due to global warming. Research shipping plays an important role in understanding and calculating the consequences of global warming on the oceans. The POLARSTERN, which is currently on the MOSAiC Expedition, the largest polar expedition in history, makes an important contribution to this.

On the occasion of the MOSAiC expedition of the research vessel POLARSTERN, the largest expedition to date to date on the exploration of the northern polar region, the German Maritime Museum is presenting the special exhibition SEA CHANGES.

The special exhibition can be seen from 16 November 2019 to March 2020 in the German Maritime Museum. For more information, visit