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Teaching and promoting with the newspaper generator

With the newspaper generator readers can play the role of the chief editor. Here they can edit the major newspapers of their country, their own personal headlines and make themselves the main subject of the story – with their own portrait on the front page.
The own newspaper within the twinkling of an eye
Whether a “special edition” to celebrate the jubilee, a Festschrift for the anniversary or a declaration of love – a personalized front page is always an unforgettable souvenir. With the newspaper generator, you offer readers the opportunity to present their issues in publishing layout.
The individual front page can be arranged from within the newspaper editor: Headlines and Articles can be written and photos placed in the users own layout. Using the software is quite simple. Especially adapted to the needs of amateurs the interface guides the user step by step through the production process. There is absolutely no knowledge of text-or image-editing programs necessary.

Active reader marketing

The Newspaper Generator is the ideal tool for an active and contemporary reader-marketing. Of course, we adjust all components of the software to your corporate design and create custom page templates to your specifications.

E-learning for your school projects
The interactive newspaper editor provides a practical introduction to the subject of newspaper.

In a few simple steps, students can create newspaper pages of their local newspaper and get playful insights of the journalistic practice. The side mirrors templates can be filled with your own content at will.
The software environment supports interactive workshop, the student at the topic search, searching, and not least when writing the article. Be presented including the development and structure of a daily newspaper journalism, and the different forms of representation. The finished works can then be printed or published in a newspaper virtual gallery, and so will serve as a basis for discussion.

The newspaper generator at a glance:

> Unique additional value for your website

> Marketing platform for active readers

> Newspaper as a personalized souvenir

> Download or e-mailing

> Optional recording of customer data

> Comprehensive learning and application software

> Password protected interface and user management

> Integrated Media Management

> Daily news via RSS feed

> Easily editable task database and newspaper ABC