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Research at anchor with the Ludwig Prandtl – Open Ship 2010

From the 12th to 16th of July 2010 the “Ludwig Prandtl” of the Helmholtz Research Centre Geesthacht called the ports of Ostfriesland, and opened their doors to visitors. The core of the floating exhibition: an interactive station on coastal research developed by scienceintermedia.

Numerous large and small visitors took the opportunity to inspect the digital exhibits, research tools and to get first hand informations by the Helmholtz scientists about the use and the function of the instruments used.

Several stations were built up nn the “Ludwig Prandtl”. The “Ferry box”, a box which is installed on two container ships and a ferry in the North Sea and wwhich regularly collects data – among other things, temperatures, waves, wind and salt – was one of the exhibits shown. In the computer program “coastDat” Data from the North Sea is captured since 1958. So the scientists are able to map the wind and air pressure, the water level and tide of the recent recent years. This enables, for example, to determine which coastal areas must be protected in the event of a large oil spill is most urgent or the likely effects of future storm surges.
Playfully, the visitors on board the “Prandtl” followed the current conditions of the North Sea with the “Virtual Message in a bottle” developed by scienceintermedia.

While the “Open Ship Tour”, the research ship anchored in the ports of Wilhelmshaven, Norderney, Leer and Delfzijl. On accompanying evening events everyone could get informations about current research topics and afterwards exchange ideas with scientists from the Helmholtz Institute for Coastal Research. Among other things, the institutes directors Professor Dr. Hans von Storch and Prof. Dr. Franciscus Colijn presented latest research results.