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scienceintermedia develops university science magazine

Under the umbrella of the University of applied sciences, there are plenty of exciting stories – in HOCH3 (engl.: cubed) they are told. For the University of applied sciences in Bremen scienceintermedia set up a lovingly created science magazine, with exciting reports and portraits on the people and projects at the university.

Who studies, teaches and researches at the University of applied sciences, is part of a diverse and vibrant network. In HOCH3 this makers and doers at the University are presented. In January 2014, the magazine developed by scienceintermedia appeared for the first time. On a total of 33 pages the people behind the projects are moved in the focus. Especially for young scientists the magazine provides a forum for the presentation of their projects. For example, the student Malte Matzen, who advocates for sustainability at the University or HOCH3 – „Cover Girl” and algae researcher Franziska Bleeke that who already tested her invention, a bioreactor for space, in zero gravity.

Three Perspectives

The name stands for the three angles under which people, projects and personal experiences are considered in the magazine : pathways , experiences and explorers worlds.

HOCH3 introduces people with their very different educational biographies. It reports on courses, student projects and professional perspectives. HOCH3 reports on various impressions, explains areas of action , and the benefits of scientific research and developments at the University.