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Crowd puller Biomimetics

scienceintermedia designed the presentation for the Bremen University of Applied Sciences at the EXPO in Shanghai

From 1 May-31 October 2010 the world exhibition took place in the teeming metropolis at the Yangtze River,.

“City of Innovation” was the motto of Bremen’s stand in the german pavilion. Germanys smallest federal state presents a cornucopia full of innovative research results for a climate friendly future.

As one of the key research institutions in the federal state, the Bremen University of Applied Sciences, in this context focusses on Biomimetics and especially the research done on antifouling. A thematically-designed exhibit table illustrates the research work around the artificial shark skin, and presents the lessons learned. In an integrated information screen further information about the research project and the Biomimetics studies at the Bremen University of Applied Sciences can be accessed.

The presentation was designed as a touchscreen application and in its design is aligned to the corporate design of the Bremen University of Applied Sciences. If visitors access the exhibit table, an animated trailer invites to explore the offered information. On touch the trailer loop is interrupted a silhouette-shaped decision matrix opens. The application was implemented in two english and chinese.

By winning the award for best implementation of the Expo theme “Better City, Better Life” was to the German pavilion scored a tremendous success.

But also the joint presentation of Bremen, Bremerhaven and Oldenburg could draw a very positive assessment. From May to October over a million visitors shared the vision of a better city and gained insights in projects in the fields of electric car sharing and mobility.

A special „Hai“light (Hai= german for shark) offered the presentation of the Applied University of Bremen focussing the bionic research on non-toxic antifouling. This hybrid Installation was developed in close collaboration with scienceintermedia. According to Ulrike Hövelmann, state director of the Bremen EXPO booth in the Urban Best Practices Area (UBPA), the shark is the most popular exhibit of the exhibition. “We regularly ask our visitors and therefore know that the shark is the most popular exhibit. It is photographed and admired all day without cease, “said Ulrike Hövelmann.
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