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scienceintermedia accompanies Hochschule Bremen in the CI development

Comprehensive situation analysis

How can a heterogeneous scientific organization achieve a a sense of common purpose that the technical and cultural differences of students and staff – inside across a unifying basis for action – short and business terms – a corporate identity forms ? How can you be both for your members and for your different audiences ( prospective students , regional economics and politics ) as it attractive, unique and clearly identifiable ?

In early 2014, the University of Applied Sciences is facing enormous challenges. Against the background of general budgetary constraints, it is important to raise the profile of the college in the heart of the city and to examine the quality of the offers. Internationality, diversity, practice-oriented teaching and applied research – all of which provides the Hochschule Bremen – but how can these aspects be transferred into a positive positioning? These are the questions scienceintermedia was assigned to in November 2013.

Profile development in the higher education landscape

Especially against the background of decreasing differentiation in the higher education sector, that has been last but not least forced by the Bologna process, it becomes more and more important to raise the profile in relation to the ” competitors ” in the higher education landscape. The genuine strength of the Universities of Applied Sciences has traditionally been the strong practical orientation and the good student-teacher ratio.

But meanwhile universities also claim these attributes for their offers.

The first step on the way to a corporate identity is the analysis of the current offers and fields of action and their evaluation within and outside the university.

scienceintermedia investigated the range of moods and opinions at the University and conducted a competition and benchmark analysis.

Development of a participatory identity strategy

Within the analysis scienceintermedia used quantitative (questionnaires ) and qualitative survey instruments . In the context of in-depth interviews with employees and Students a comparison with the strategic positions of the university management was carried out and possible development paths were discussed. In addition, science intermedia has produced short films with statements of students on the strengths and weaknesses of the university and among others designed a photo portrait series under the theme ” The moving speech balloon” .

“We do. ” – application orientation as a trademark

Initial findings from the interviews are also reflected in the university slogan ” We do.”, which has already flanked a series of posters with portraits of stakeholders.

The results of scienceintermedia’s analysis will incorporate in a mission statement and a positioning strategy and ultimately a new corporate design for the University of Bremen in 2015.