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More visitor participation and dialogue targeted

Since the experimenta Heilbronn opened its doors for the first time in the fall of 2009 southern Germany’s largest science center is a resounding success. Now this success story continues and the Science Center offer will be noticeably increased.

A new building twice as large will complement the experimetas previously 7500 square meters of exhibition space.

More space for the 150 interactive exhibits, special exhibitions, as well as new presentation media will be built. With new exhibition offers that invite to a higher level of participation and that create collective experiences, the target group of the up to 18-year-olds is going to be adressed even more.

On behalf of the experimenta scienceintermedia developed a comprehensive concept for the development of dialogical exhibition areas and to increase the participation of visitors. In separate interaction zones, visitors can broaden their knowledge about the topics presented.
 At various interactive stations in the exhibition the visitors enter into a dialogue with other visitors and experts. Among other various web and social media crosslinks to the interactive exhibition offer are planned.

Until 2016, the new experimenta will be realized.

More information can be found at www.experimenta