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Creating knowledge collectively

When the experimenta Heilbronn opens its doors for the second time in 2019, it will not only have grown in spatial size, but it will also consequently have expanded its content and didactic formation.

In an outstanding exhibition building with new theme worlds at numerous stations an exciting and active confrontation with our world, our actions therein and our worldviews will be offered. In the future one main aspect will become even more important: dialogue.

The experimenta Heilbronn aims to encourage their visitors to articulate their opinions on the subjects of the exhibition and to come together with other visitors and the exhibition organizers this week and so to enhance and deepen the exhibition experience. This dialogue is supposed to go beyond the walls of the experimenta and invites experts from science and technology as well as website-visitors to contribute. The experimenta Heilbronn entrusted scienceintermedia with the question of how

such an offer might look like, how participatory formats can be integrated into the exhibition and which requirements are linked to the implementation.

In a so-called Science Maker Space visitors can deepen the featured exhibition themes at different stations and engage in a dialogue with other users and experts in the framework of cooperative deals. Among other things, different web and social media interfaces are planned for the interactive exhibits. By 2018, the experimenta extension will be completed.