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Get your brainstorming started

scienceintermedia presents a selection of the most inspiring design thinking methods in a lovingly designed set. Creativity is always asked when it comes to breaking new ground and leaving the familiar terrain. For example when new formats or offers are to be devised. The creative fire does not always immediatly begin to blaze. Especially in teams, targeted creative techniques can help to reach unexpected results step by step. We have collected a selection of our favorite methods in a new four-level workshop tool, the strategyBOARD.

From target formulation to strategy

The strategyBOARD leads through four interlinking phases to the formulation and development of an individual strategy. Starting with the formulation of the individual goals, which are linked with a project continuing with the formulation of ideas and possible solutions, one arrives at the identification and selection of possible solutions and finally the derivation and development of a suitable strategy. From over 40 illustrated method cars, which contain a brief guide as well as further notes on the creative work, can be selected in each of the four workshophases. The collection includes classical methods such as “The Headlines of Tomorrow”, but also new and more unknown approaches like “Empathy Mapping” or “The Six Thinking Hats” are represented. What all of these methods have in common is a stimulating and entertaining way to get into the creative work.

The set consisting of a box with the illustrated creative cards (german language only) as well as a selection of colored stickers for the visualization of the results can be ordered at the expense contribution.