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Generating enthusiasm for science with digital media

Under this heading scienceintermedia develops presentation and communication solutions for science, business, education and research. The achievements of science and technology are amazing: They create a new perspective on the world and open up unexpected possibilities. But the results of scientific research, innovation and the function of new products and processes are not always self-explanatory. Anyone who teaches, carries out research, invents and manufactures himself knows how difficult it is to clearly explain complex subjects. To train employees, to convince partners, customers and the public, is primarily a didactic challenge.

Science delights when people can experience it. That is why we provide an active approach to complex issues with which you can create hands-on learning experiences. This approach to the development of a multimedia teaching strategy is based on a simple insight: people can be quickly and more sustainable inspired by science and technology if they actively participate within a process. The spark grows when causal relationships and “causation” can be re-enacted. Provide your audience the possibility to explore a topic, using a step by step method, and in this way actively follow the questions of research and development by actively.

Our offers and services: Unbeatable

Whether corporate or project presentation, trade fair or education and training opportunity: With structured and target-group oriented strategies you enhance the efficiency of your communication activities. Benefit from the potential of digital media. Multimedial and interactive forms of communication do not only allow for a more individualistic and comprehensive presentation, they also achieve much greater learning than traditional information services.

We develop complete solutions: This includes the design of suitable presentation platforms, media design, multimedia authoring, editing issues by expert authors, the development of customized

We offer from one source:
> Interactive presentations and digital exhibits
> Websites and Communication portals
> Science Communication (Design, editing, content-acquisition)
> Multimedia Authoring (Media design, development of interactive illustrations)
> Software Development (Development of individual applications and portal solutions)

Bringing your know how on track

scienceintermedia develops presentation and communication solutions for science, business, education and research. With interactive multimedia presentations we make connections visible, the abstract concrete and the complex, understandable

As a mediator between science, industry and the general public, we offer the full range of digital science communication.

No doubt – This is only possible with a strong team. The interdisciplinary team combines the skills of communication and media design, computer science and scientific communication. We come from research and development and are therefore aware of the working methods within the research community, as well as the needs of adequate and understandable representations of technology and science.

Our Staff