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The “aha” factor

Science delights when people can experience it. That is why we provide an active approach to complex issues with which you can create hands-on learning experiences. This approach to the development of a multimedia teaching strategy is based on a simple insight: people can be quickly and more sustainable inspired by science and technology if they actively participate within a process. The spark grows when causal relationships and “causation” can be re-enacted. Provide your audience the possibility to explore a topic, using a step by step method, and in this way actively follow the questions of research and development by actively.

Communicating knowledge sustainably

Whether in school, university or on the job – E-learning increases the quality and efficiency of your training and education programs. Multimedial, practical, demand-driven, location and time-independent, these are just some of the advantages of online digital courses We have years of experience in the development of interactive educational software. From online courses to comprehensive e-learning platforms with integrated communication and knowledge management tools, we develop customized solutions for you and your audience.

multimedial learning

There’s no textbook that offers the diverse approach that e-learning modules can offer to a curriculum. As the system is controlled by the learner they can modify their learning experience in their own time by switching between different content and teaching levels. Abstract content and ideas can be made more visible with the help of simulations, interactive graphics and models. Audio and video examples, interactive tests and reflection tasks, cross-linked glossary entries and materials, demonstrate the full learning potential of the new media is inexhaustible.

Practical Learning

Not only in the on-the-job training environment is the link between learning and working so important. We develop e-learning platforms that can be optimally integrated within your work processes. Our solutions include personalized user interfaces with comprehensive tools and organizational bound document management, process simulations and virtual labs.

collective learning

Learning in a group increases motivation and enhances the learning experience. The Community and knowledge management solutions from scienceintermedia creates a learning environment in which all parties benefit from one another by an intensive exchange of information and ideas.