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scienceintermedia supports Science Center at planning digital exhibition contents

In spring 2015, things will move in the Universum Science Center. Then the redesign of the permanent exhibition begins. Already, preparations are in full swing for it. Conception, planning exhibits, scenography, tender preparation – all this must happen long before the realization of the exhibition.

Dispite the innovations coming up, the Universum remains a ” classic ” Science Center with a declared focus on the exploration of scientific phenomena . One novelty are Media Lounges to broaden the thematical preoccupation in the heart of the Science Center.

Here, digital exhibits offer the possibility to carry out virtual experiments. These include tests in the field of perception such as the memory or the individual hearing performance. The computational experiments illustrate playful startling phenomena.

On a digital polygraph visitors can take each other mutually into “interrogation”, on a virtual mission to the moon visitors get to know the qualitative aspects of individual and group decisions .

A total of around 25 interactive stations will move into the newly designed Science Center in early 2015.

scienceintermedia was responsible for the initial planning of the diguital exhibits in this new exhibition area. In addition to the consulting monitoring of the project plannin and tender preparation scienceintermedia has realized the interaction design of the applications in the form of sketches and interaction in the context of comprehensive storyboards .

Until sketches and plans will have become a new exhibition, the friends of the Science Center must be a little a bit patient. Butits worth it – cause there will be much to discover!

You can find more information about the Universum Science Center at the adjacent link.