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experimenta Heilbronn celebrates it‘s birthday / 120.000 newspaper pages produced

On the occasion of the gala for the fifth anniversary of the experimenta we dressed up tot he nines and paid a brief visit to the birthday girl.

Of course we took a short glimpse in the Texterschmiede and checked if everthing is in order. It’s going nicely!

At the ceremony , the balance sheet of the last five years was presented. We are very excited: 120,000(!) newspaper pages have been produced by the 880,000 visitors of the experimenta since its opening in 2009. The experimenta Talent Search is a unique offer in Europe, particularly for children and adolescents. The aim is to provide an interactive way in finding their own strengths. At the same time they should be encouraged to engage more closely with scientific phenomena and technological applications.

In May 2015 will be th egroundbreaking for the construction of the experimenta 2, resulting in the immediate vicinity. Then everything will be even bigger and more beautiful. The Texterschmiede will of course be part oft he new experimenta as well. We are pleased!