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Interactive exhibition about the future of mobility

On track of tomorrows mobility

Regarding the growing scarcity of fossil resources and progressing climate change new mobility concepts must urgently be formulated and implemented. Within the systemic research on electric mobility the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft bundles the competence of 34 institutes to work on almost all aspects of future mobility. This comprehensive research its motives, goals and results can be experienced within the framework of ANTRIEB ZUKUNFT.

The exhibition invites visitors on a lively journey through the history, present and future of electric mobility and gives direct insight into the overall research and development work of Fraunhofer researchers. The tour leads through the workshops of the early pioneers of technology, along the most important milestones of over a hundred years electromobility, right into the heart of the issue and the core of the exhibition: the development of effective storage technologies in the Fraunhofer laboratories. History, current functioning and future of the battery can be actively explored. Basic knowledge is taught, among other things, through an interactive battery model.

Visitors follow research paths

From the center of the exhibition, visitors arrive at the Fraunhofer development pathways: vehicle concepts, systems integration and energy distribution and implementation, each presented in separate sections. In the virtual test center, for example, the various Fraunhofer test facilities can be explored. Therefore the visitor becomes the test leader and can conduct authentic experiments at the electric car, such as component crashes or performance tests under changing climatic conditions. An augmented-reality exhibit allows the X-ray vision into the running wheel hub motor – with all its components. In the “Smart City” several visitors can move their vehicles with the finger through a digital urban topography on a touch table and thus discover the various aspects of the intelligent networked city. Furthermore many other interactive scenarios can be explored.

“Sidekicks” with a wealth of background knowledge

Visitors learn fascinating facts on the side paths of the exhibition. Small bits of information are distributed throughout the exhibition in the form of specially designated knowledge blisters on the exhibits backs. This includes entertaining trivia such as the question, why Clara Ford are strictly refused to get in a car with a combustion engine. Furthermore key terms, such as Efficiency or DC are explained. Held on the backs of the exhibits so called keyhole-stations allow to look behind the scenes at the Fraunhofer laboratories.

Mobility as a basic requirement: moving exhibition

Mobility is not only in the center of the exhibition – the exhibition modules themselves are mobile and can always be rearranged as a variable ensemble. This offers the possibility, depending on space and content requirements, to present the exhibition also at different locations and with different emphasis.

Inform and create acceptance

More than 44 million euros, are provided by the Federal Government within the National Development Plan Electromobility for the Fraunhofer System Research. The stated goal: Germany should become the leading market for electric vehicles. By 2020 one million electric cars shall populate our roads. In order to penetrate the market the electric car requires besides increasing efficiency and cost effectiveness above all a broad support among the population. Therefore, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft within the system research aims to inform the general public about the opportunities and challenges of this future technology. The forum Elektromobiltät and the new permanent exhibition are an important part of the Fraunhofer-information strategy.

ANTRIEB ZUKUNFT was created by scienceintermedia – agency for digital science communication. scienceintermedia focuses on the development of communication and presentation solutions for science and technology. This includes the realization of electronic education programs, the design and implementation of extracurricular learning-environmnets and generally understandable representations of scientific research fields, innovative technologies, processes and products.

Benjamin Wischer, responsible for concept development at scienceintermedia, about the new exhibition project: “According to our philosophy – to get people actively in contact with science – with ANTRIEB ZUKUNFT we developed a very moving and inviting exhibition ensemble, which clearly demonstrates the mutual references and conditionalities of electromobilty and at the same time offers each visitor individual approaches to the issue.”