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Pretty smart! Under this motto, sixteen doctoral students from the University of applied Sciences in Bremen present their projects in a new poster exhibition, realized by scienceintermedia.

Sometimes it is not easy for scientists, to explain friends and relatives or other uninitiated concisely what exactly they are doing research on. scienceintermedia has therefore asked young researchers, to present their doctoral projects in a small box – just as much space as you can carry and barely space to digress.

As a life-sized portraits the young researchers stand in front of the visitors and are presented in personal fact files. Above their heads, striking and catchy, are floating the central questions that they dedicate themselves. For instance the question whether tourism makes poor or if the tank is empties the plates. The answers to these and other questions are provided in personal project descriptions in the box. Presented here are the current research work and its practical benefits.

The exhibition will be shown at different locations around Bremen.