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scienceintermedia develops poster series for the University of Applied Sciences / application orientation in focus

Practical relevance and application orientation belong to the classical aspects of universities of apllied sciences. Especially in the recent years, not least in the context of the Bologna Process, universities and universities of applied sciences approximated noticeable in their profiles. This dedifferentiation has been criticized , among others, by the German Science Council which appealed for raising the profile of universities of applied sciences.

As part of a strategic development plan, the University of Applied Sciences Bremen has formulated how it wants to allign its offers in the future.

scienceintermedia was entrusted against this background, with the realization of a poster campaign and the creation of publicity materials to raise awareness for the unique profile of the University of Applied Sciences. scienceintermedia has associated the reflection on the central strength of the University of Applied Sciences with the simple formula “We do.”. Within the poster campaign scienceintermedia introduces the makers and doers with their work at the university.

As part of a university-wide event in Bremen’s Weser House (Radio Bremen) in November 2013 the members of the Applied University of Bremen reflected on the previous implementation steps of the strategic development plan. Here the poster series “We do. was presented for the first time.

Currently, the poster exhibition can be visited in the university’s library.