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Participatory museum guidance and documentation system

Web 2.0 technologies for museums and science centres offer new and efficient ways in the field of scientific inventory of cultural history and natural history objects, and to realize new exhibition concepts. myexhibit is the professional solution for documentation, presentation and discussion of exhibits, collections and exhibitions at museums and science centres. It supports both the museological work as well as the creation of shows with audience participation.
As a tool for inventorying and cataloguing, myexhibit enables the convenient digital acquisition of existing exhibits and combines the advantages of free and formal classification systems. myexhibit; makes the digital recording of collections much easier and with the potential of community and free indexing increases the quality of technical documentation. Decoating exhibits can be conveniently grouped to exhibitions and can be enriched with a variety of media and comments. Using the integrated search option exhibits can be sought within the data fields as well as within the text of attached documents. As a guidance system myexhibit is a direct intersection between documentation and presentation, between museum exhibits and visitors. myexhibit not only allows the presentation of the digital catalogue with selected content as a platform but also provides the opportunity for interaction. The “Where am I?” Widget shows the visitor where he is and at what location within the museum a particular exhibit can be found. Over the input interface, visitors can leave comments at every exhibit, assign tags, add media (depending on equipment such as audio commentaries, webcam videos or your own photos via USB) and assess the contributions of other visitors. In this way, their world experience and the expertise of people gradually expand the contents and information of the exhibition.

myexhibit can be adapted to the specific needs of the organization.